Buy 3 Data Sim Card in Cheap Price

3 Data Sim Card
3 data sim cards are the talk of the town these days. If you are not aware of the fact, then you probably are missing on some lucrative opportunities.

Before we go into details lets take a look at some information on why you should get hooked with 3 Mobile (if you aren't with 3 Mobile yet).

Positives –
  • UK’s fastest growing network covering more than 97% of the
  • UK population.
  • Rated Number 1 for Mobile Internet
  • First network to offer 4G Internet connectivity at no extra cost
  • High definition call quality
From the points above you are sure to get more from what you spend.

Best 3 data sim cards Offer

Among various offers what we would like to showcase here one of the best 3 data sim cards package available called Broadband –Pay As You Go + 12.

This includes data validity up to 12 months along with internet allowance up to 12 GB.

Let us make the calculation easier for you by giving you an estimation of how much data 12 GB internet offers-
  • You can send 12,000 Outlook / HTML emails.
  • You can surf the web for 120 Hours
  • Download 60 four minute videos
  • Download 384 four minute music tracks
This should be sufficient if you are a heavy mobile internet user, and you are sure to get the best out of your money spent.

If you are not a medium/heavy user you can purchase 3 data sim card pre-loaded with 1GB and 3GB data as well.

Buy 3 data sim card at cheap price now and enjoy top notch service today. We can provide bulk SIM’s to address anywhere around the world.

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